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Spent by spcefrk Spent by spcefrk
The sun lingers hot and livid
Twilight's relief to come another day
Stories told in hues too vivid
Of tomorrow's plight and disarray
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density-tmr Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2008
This is an excellent artwork - very well done.
Conservatoons Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2008
Really nice job here.
RedBlackRed Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008   Photographer
I'd say could you make the image smaller...but I love it, its amazing. instant fav.
phdmatt2002 Featured By Owner May 13, 2008
very well done, you can almost feel the ceramic plates in his IBA.
car-fan Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2008
Great image:)
Siila02 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
His back tells many untold story...
Great work!
j0rosa Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
:wow: amazing, great shading:thumbsup:
edarlin Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2007
very well done. it carries over a lot of emotion.
Pseudo-Demon Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2006
I love this piece
it carrys alot of emotional weight for me since I have a fair few family members in Iraq right now
Very nice job
itikadi Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2006
absolutly amazing
SaintScarecrow Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2006
i just randomly stumbled upon your piece here... i really like it. ive been reading through what other people have to say about it- and i agree with most of it.

when i first saw the image though- i thought it was of a woman. the way the hair is shaded reminds me of how my mom used to roll her hair up when she was in the army... from all the old pictures and videos of her in the gulf war...

i guess it still stands out ot me now because my boyfriend is a marine, heading back to iraq early next year. he shows me lots of his pictures from over there... so images like this get my attention. thanks for making this ^^
spcefrk Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2006
No problem. Thanks for stopping by.
Bancroft Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2006
thats cool!! nice little poem too!! well done!
WhitePawedKitty Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2006
and one more great picture ^_^
and again the shading is awesome though i'd make it alittle stronger, but thats oly my opinion =)
AlexeiKazansky Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Another awesome pic!
avocadosandwich Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2006
this is my favourite in your gallery :)
dudealan2001 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2006  Student Digital Artist
Rabidbaboon Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2006   Photographer
Hmm the hand position (the one grasping the helmet) makes it looks like the thumb is on the close side to the viewer.
PIT-FACE Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2006
i realy like this.
giadrosich Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
Excellent image!

I love the way that you have handled the folds of the material, and how you have let the paper act as a neutral ground against the shadows and highlights of the figure. I think this brings a great deal of "natrual" look to the image as a whole, tying the different elements together.

By making the rifle that rich tone, it, in effect, becomes the focal point of the composition. It makes me wonder which one is spent: the man, or his weapon...

Having gone through your gallery, I wish you would include a little more technical info in your descriptions, such as the type of pencils (or conte) used, etc. Are you doing these on a colored paper? Many artists like to see what others are exposing themselves to, in case they would like to try and obtain similar results.

Keep up the fine work!

papiland Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2006
Very nice! great choice of medium and love the texture!!!
Beachrockz4eva Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
a very realistic drawing, I love it especially how the pose and direction of light go together to give the soldier depth
bananalicious Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2006  Professional General Artist
there is something about this work that i feel that u have captured a certain emotion or mood with it..
LilaMascara Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2006  Student General Artist

amazing artwork
I really love the paper :D and the details on the man (is there a mad/sad face on his left arm?)
spcefrk Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2006
Wow. It's strictly just a copying of the original photo, but looking closely, I do see the angry face (frowning quite strongly) looking to the left and down a bit.
sepia-tenshi Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
wow.. this should have a DD in my opinion! (sorry i cant spell) though i dont much like troops from the war but this image is asome!
spcefrk Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2006
helium-lost Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2006
Wow... simply amazing. The atmosphere, the choice of paper... it's absolutely stunning. :+favlove: for sure.

What media did you use for this, by the way?

- hl
spcefrk Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2006
Various pencil hardnesses, white charcoal for highlights, and black charcoal for shadows.
DocRedfield Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
You've narrowed THAT down. The subject stands alone, but the choice of paper and colors gives an instant idea of where he is. The drapery turned out real nice... Very nice work. Impressive.
Seven-Fourteen Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2006
Very powerful. You couldn't have pick a better color of paper to draw this on.
Ramzies Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2005
Instant fav. As a Marine I can relate to this picture and the feeling of "being spent" no one is immortal. Great work here, also friended you just for your interest in military life and weaponry. I would love to see more of this style.
spcefrk Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2005
It's definitely a deep interest and I havent really figured out why. I've been through a bit of ROTC and really loved it. Thanks for the fav, and you can bet I'll be making more.
Sadja Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2005
Instant favorite..

Great work with portraying a soldier--it shows that nobody can keep on going forever and highlights the human in him.

Keep up the great work.
arlauny Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2005
nice portrait! You're really talented, i wish i'd be too...:(
XsapphoX Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2005   Traditional Artist
Very life like drawing! I think this pose says a lot more about what's going on out there than if he was standing at attention ready to fire. great job!
spcefrk Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2005
I've got another one similar to this one coming called Last Man Standing.

(Just FYI, standing at attention is when superior officers enter a room. It's a show of respect and typically never happens in combat. No one really cares how your fire, as long as it's both in the right direction and hitting something... :-D )
XsapphoX Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2005   Traditional Artist
I look forward to seeing it!

lmao, I guess it never really registered what I was saying...cuz duh, you're shooting someone who cares if you're standing straight.
spcefrk Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2005
lol no prob. You should google 'murphy's laws of combat.' They're pretty funny....
XsapphoX Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2005   Traditional Artist
lol, I might try that! :)
TheSntnL Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
+fav. It's very powerful, serene at the same time. Really says alot about what people forget about. That there are men in those uniforms. The helmets make them sweat too. It is beautifully rendered. Very lifelike, and the choice of materials is excellent. Giving it that desert color, and that faded look. I love it.
MauserGirl Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2005
That's just awesome. I love the whole tone-on-tone look, mainly because I cannot manage to work that way myself for some reason.
zhavas Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2005  Student
this is really good, very interesting on an objective level,

only I see a problem with that hand there... kind of off
spcefrk Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2005
There's a clip on the front of the helmet, I think to attach NVGs to. He's grasping the helmet by that, so that's why the fingers seem short and odd. He's got his four fingers clamped under the top of the clip and his thumb under the front of the helmet.
oooooSHINY Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2005  Student
I quite like this one, its well done and I like the pose. . . is it from a photo ?
spcefrk Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2005
yep. I've been perusing the photos taken by troops in combat, instead of the Newsweek ones. Not many of them are powerful, but I found a few. This was the only one that had good composition and I still cropped it a bit. Most of the pictures are of people sitting on the side of an Apache ora couple guys horsing around, but there's a few in action and a few of those that are really good.
k1nkos Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2005

awesome job! :+fav:
hypoallergenic Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2005
That is lovely. :+fav:
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